When humor goes, there goes civilization. ~Erma Bombeck

November 29, 2008

"I come from a family where gravy is considered a beverage." (Erma Bombeck)

That explains the Bennett's. (By the way I'm Nana Bennett) The first time I went to Thanksgiving dinner at their house I thought, are they crazy? Their was gravy dumped on everything. Now I do the same thing. We have a little turkey with our gravy. At least we do when we can eat.

I had 14 people coming over for Thanksgiving this year. Two turkeys to stuff and roast. Sweet and mashed potatoes to prepare. Furniture to move so we could have one long beautifully set table with candles, china, crystal, pewter , and silver. Table cloths to iron - you get the idea. Mike (Papa) was sick. Poor guy, oh the feast he was going to miss.

I called everyone to let them know we had some kind of scourge set upon the house. They all still wanted to come. (poor suckers) Everything was going swell. Turkey's roasting, Christmas music playing, nothing new I listen to Christmas music in July. Mike was hanging in there. Only I had no help.

I called my boys. They were playing football, this was no time for football. Yeah they finished the game. Anyway they were my new potato peeler, furniture movers. Then Megan and her husband Nick came and all of them went to work. Especially after I slowly but surely got sick myself. Luckily the scourge was slow enough at settling in that I could finish roasting the turkeys and advise on making the gravy.

The kids were in charge now. No furniture was moved. No candles, china crystal, pewter or silver was put into play. Not even a table cloth. They had a nice buffet right out of the pots and pans the food was cooked in, and from what I understand it was lovely. Other than the vial sounds coming from our bedroom. Never have the Master Bedroom close to the kitchen! Everyone pitched in and washed every dish, pot and pan. I heard my mother in law exclaim... "Let's clean all this up and get it out of here. There's nothing worse when your barfing and pooping than to get up to a bunch of smelly dirty dishes, she'll wanna die!!!" (she is a genteel woman indeed) Thank you Linda, (mother in law) you are right!!! Thank all of you for cleaning it up.

Girls, I have found a way to lose 8 lbs. in one day.
Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.

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TMI said...

Oh Grandma B is always good for a laugh! Sorry you were sick and I'm even more sorry you spread the sickness to our house! ;O) It's the worst weight loss plan EVER!