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December 13, 2008


Ummmmmmmmm. Eggnog

Tatum and his girlfriend Mimi

Nana, Fu Man Chu and Big Foot.

Papa only looks drunk.

Tara is really into into it!

Got Eggnog?

It snowed just for our party.

I will be making this in just a little while for Tara's Eggnog Turtleneck Party she is hosting at my house tonight.
Once again I must warn about the raw eggs that are in this tasty beverage. (The salmonella thing.) If you are worried about it just add a lot of Rum. This won't help any, but you won't be worried about it.
I don't drink alcohol, so alas no Rum.
I love this drink and so does anyone who tries it. Here goes...

2 eggs well beaten
1 can sweetened condensed milk (not evaporated)
1 teas. vanilla ( the real stuff)
1 qt. whole milk
1 Cup heavy cream

Combine eggs, sweetened condensed milk and vanilla. Gradually beat in milk. Chill while you whip the cream with your mixer. When the cream is fully whipped, fold into the milk mixture. Folding is not stirring in a round circular motion. It is gently moving a mixing spoon in a folding like manner as if you are trying to fold the mixture into layers until it is nicely combined together. (Man I need to get a better vocabulary.) I hope that was a helpful tidbit. If not leave a comment and I can give you Martha Stewart's telephone #. Oh what the heck I'll just give it to you now. 555-555-5555. There you go.
When everything is nicely mixed, sprinkle nutmeg on top. I like lots of Nutmeg. Just sprinkle as much as you think you would like.
Chill for a few hours.
The cream will rise to the top. When ready to serve gently fold everything all together again until nicely mixed.

AGAIN Remember this has raw eggs in it that could be potentially unsafe blahbity blah blah blah. USE FRESH EGGS!
No one has gotten sick and died at one of my parties. Wait a minute let me rephrase that. No one has gotten sick and died from the Eggnog at one of my parties.



tara @ kidz said...

LOLOLOL. I loved this post you crack me up AND make the best egg nog ever. Wait til you see the hostess gift you're getting. Man, you have one fab DIL. ;O)

momma said...

stopping by from sits. i've never tried eggnog before. you make it sound dangerous, er, i mean, yummy :) i'll have to give yours a try!

tara @ kidz said...

I can't believe you put a 'Rock Band singing' picture of me on here. You're dead meat Nana!

Michelle said...

I've never likes egg nog. but I've never tried homemade. It doesn't sound too bad