When humor goes, there goes civilization. ~Erma Bombeck

December 2, 2008


Tonight we went to visit Jack. Jack is our brother in law, my children's uncle. A very good man who has overcome obstacles that many of us will never have to endure in this life time. Tonight he told us he will not be overcoming his latest obstacle - Liver Cancer. His time is short. Three, maybe six months.

He and his wife Sissy are trying to wrap their minds around this whole thing and also keep a sense of humor while they have time together. Sissy announced "Yeah, we're going to go out plot shopping." I said "Merry Christmas Jack." We all had a good laugh, but behind the laugh is great sadness for those of us who will be left behind, especially Sissy. Many times tonight she was on the verge of crying, trying not to.

Their home is cozy and festive celebrating the Christmas season. The difference this year is the celebrating will be bitter sweet.

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TMI Tara said...

I LOVE JACK! He is an amazing person and I am grateful for his example. I like that you said that the sadness is for us who will be left behind. Have you heard that song, 'God only cries for the living.' I imagine that is true. Jack will be going to a far better place - we will miss him so.