When humor goes, there goes civilization. ~Erma Bombeck

December 1, 2008

Mom Moment

This is my mom and dad with my son Oby. We all went to Yellowstone together last January.
We took mom and dad snowmobiling, it's a wonder we are all still alive. (another story for another dayI am new to blogging and could not figure out how to delete this picture so here it stays. No my mom is not a movie star, she just always forgets to take off her sun glasses. This picture was taken in a fully lit arena ... inside.

If you haven't noticed I love Erma Bombeck. I have ever since I was a kid. Her zest for life and the humor she brought along with it just drew me to her. One thing she said was " If you can't fix it laugh at it." I tend to agree with this statement. That is why I am adding a new segment to my blog. This segment will be called Mom Moment, or Dad Moment. My parents live in a mother in law apartment in our home, so I will have plenty of material. I just can't keep all of this jocularity to myself. It would not be right.

Sunday afternoon I looked outside and noticed mom's van parked in front of the garage. This is a normal sight at our house because Mike (my husband) won't allow mom to actually drive into the garage. She has taken out the garage door frames 6 times too many and enough is enough. So Mike puts the van away in the evening for her.

The thing that was not a normal sight was that the passenger sliding door was wide open and well you just don't park your car and leave the door open. I called mom and said "You left your car door open, any reason?" She said "no, I will go close it." The next thing I knew she was walking into our front door telling me there was something leaking from underneath the van and would Mike be a dear and go look at it.

Mike went took a look, came back inside and said "Judy when you drive your car with the air conditioner and heater going at the same time the compressor from the air conditioner automatically turns on causing a water drainage when you turn off the car. " "I don't drive like that." she said. I said "Mom I get in the van all the time and the air conditioner is going with the heat turned up to 76 degrees. I just haven't wanted to say anything." She looks at us both and says" Well I don't know what the problem is, we are having the car tuned up on Monday. See you later." All I can do is shake my head and laugh at it.


Nana said...

Hey I love the signature you added to your blog. And how you changed the adsense so it shows more ads and you can be more profitable. Wow, you're really good at blogging! ;O)

Grandma Judy cracks. me. up. Love it! And I'm anxiously waiting for the apple pie recipe in case I get a wild hair and decide to surprise Oby with it one day....

TMI Tara said...

Oh and on that last comment, by Nana I meant your cyber-stalking daughter-in-law Tara. =)

Jamie said...

THanks for stopping by! We have "mom/dad moments" at our house all the time. I didn't realize you could drive with the ac and the heat on at the same time...I learned something new today!

Merry SITSmas!