When humor goes, there goes civilization. ~Erma Bombeck

December 9, 2008


Never cut your own bangs.

I don't know how many times I'm gonna have to learn that lesson.

Let's see I am 50 now so maybe .......by the time my fingers will no longer work or I am dead, which ever comes first.

I don't like looking like a third grader with wrinkles and a double chin!

While I am rambling I would also say never ask for opinions when my two sons are around and are in mean smarty pants moods.

Especially when you have been fighting a migraine and are heavily drugged.

I was not on my toes. Not ready for the onslaught of insults I received this evening when getting ready for our fun filled family time together.

Usually I can give as good as I get but tonight I failed, I turned into my daughter Taylor and gave back witty quips like "Yeah, well your dumb!!

We went to the Zoo to look at the Christmas lights. My son Jamie and his family. My son Oby and his family. We had to drive in separate cars, so I got rid of Jamie for a while, but I was stuck with Oby driving with us in our car because his wife was meeting us at the zoo.
He kept up his witty chatter until I said " Oby when we get out of this truck I am going to wrestle you down to the ground and bash your head into the cement!" (Just like when he was a little boy.)

He started being nice. (I wrestled in High School , heavy weight division, so he knew he would be no match for me.) We finally got to the Zoo and I must say we had a wonderful time. It was beautiful and fun. Tara took my camera so you will have to look on the Kidz blog to see pictures.
(Her camera batteries died.)

Well good night and good night.
For lessons in sarcasm call 555-555-5555 that is Oby's hot line. He can also refer you to Jamie's line if you would like.

P.S. I don't know why I have these weird spacing problems when I blog. I fix it and then when I publish it. There it is all spacey again. "Pish Posh!" I say.


Emma said...

No pictures???

Ann said...

I have the spacing thing problem too. The zoo sounded like a lot of fun. What could be better....animals and Christmas lights.

SIT-Saucy Talk...I'm having another give-a-way on my blog....stop by if you have the time. :D

Sera said...

We need pics! I am envisioning your bangs but I am sure it looks "much better" than I can envision (plus it would give me teasing material). Love you; you always give me good giggle material!

Tiffany said...

Don't you hate a bad haircut? Hoping your bangs grow out quickly and your migraines stay gone forever!!