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January 14, 2009

Conversations With Henry

Henry is eating dinner in this picture, hence the dirty face.

Yesterday morning we had 3 lovely Speech Therapists come to our home to evaluate Henry. Sometimes he can be hard to understand so his parents were becoming a little worried.

The good news is Henry did not qualify for speech therapy. He was above his age level in all their testing, even in his vocabulary. He just has a hard time pronouncing words.

Here is my conversation with him this morning. He comes to me and says:

"Where's P.J. ?" ( easy enough to understand)

Me: " He must be down in the laundry room with mommy."

Henry: "Mommy is rying."

Me: (distressed) "Mommy is crying?"

Henry: " No, mommy is rying."

Me: "Mommy is drawing?"

Henry: "No, mommy is rying."

Me: "Mommy is drying?" ( I know I am reaching now.)

Henry: "No, mommy is rying." (Every time he says it exactly the same and is very patient with

Me: "MOMMY IS SHOWERING?" ( ding ding ding)

Henry: "Yeah." (Big smile)

I hope I'm never in a spot and have to ask him for directions.


Jolene said...

Hey, you never know...Henry might surprise you with some directions one day.
My daughter,(who receives speech therapy) seems to know her way around better than I do sometimes. LOL

Sera said...

Cute Hen! I always have to refrain from giggling when kids say stuff and it sounds funny or they havedifficulty pronouncing. Ben and his his pronouncing r's like w's always made me giggle. I can't wait to give Hen a big hug next time I see him!

tara @ kidz said...

Well I'm glad he didn't qualify for speach therapy. But oh my he definitely IS hard to understand!!!

Emma said...

It must be a family trait. Poor Ben had to go to speech therapy for 2 years. They did a great job!!!! It is always fun trying to decipher what they are saying!!!

nikkicrumpet said...

LOL...I had a speech issue when I was little...I couldn't say anything that had an "r" in it....I still have nightmares about my speech therapist and looking at pictures of rabbits and rocks for hours on end. Henry and I gotta stick together!

Anonymous said...


Yesterday the 4 yr old I nanny for kept asking for a "drytazerthing" and I'm all "huh??!!!" trying to figure out what a DryTazerThing is? Finally he takes me to the kitchen, points to the paper towels and says matter-of-factly, "see, drytazerthing."

Ohhh.....a Paper Towel!!!!