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January 9, 2009

Divine Divinity?

Well kids, this afternoon I made divinity. The most wonderful candy in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ummmmm. I have not made divinity for two years. I was visiting Taylor in New Hampshire. (that's where she and her family lived before they invaded my house a few weeks ago. the good old days )

It was February, who in their right mind goes to New Hampshire in February? Anyway it was about 42 below 0 outside, Pete (Tay's hubby, the law student, speaking of which I came home from a meeting last night and there were like 8 law students and their families eating pizza and partying it up at my house. This was the conversation I heard. "I am so smart." ......... "NO, NO I AM the SMART ONE!!!"........ " I object!"............ "Counsel would you like more pizza?"..... I am so smarter than you!"........"My eyeq is 890, on a bad day.".......... What a bunch of smart arses. ) Anyway I digress.

It was around 8:00 P.M. We decided we needed divinity. We made it, we ate it. We decided we needed more divinity. We made it, we ate it. What else is there to do in New Hampshire, at night, in February? I mean you can literally freeze to death just sitting in the house! We needed all that candy to just keep warm. My grandkids just aren't worth that kind of trouble.

I left a few days later, just to get stuck at the airport in Maryland for 2 days. I met a lot of people on that trip. I slept with a Hasidic Jew, a Mormon missionary, some woman who wanted to be my friend and an old lady. That's the little group we somehow formed while in that mess, we just kind of stuck together and watched out for each other. We are in that crowd somewhere.

This is our plane. It wasn't going anywhere. That's what happens in an ice storm.

A nice attendant got us some pillows and blankets. Told us even though they were announcing that all the restaurants and stores would stay open for us, that it was a big lie and if we wanted something to eat, we better go get it. He told us they just announced those things for crowd control. HE WASN'T LYING! They closed that place down so fast our heads spinned. He was a sweetheart, so were all the other people I mentioned. In fact everyone in that airport was being so kind and considerate to each other I couldn't believe it.
I saw a women sitting on the floor crocheting dish cloths, she was crying. I asked her if she was o.k., she said "yes, I'm missing my son's graduation from (It was a military thing. I can't remember what.) and I just feel bad." We spoke for a minute. I mentioned that the cloth's she was crocheting were my favorite kind to do dishes with. Four hours later, she found me in that big old airport and gave me one.
One man in one of our many lines bought us all Pepsi's. ( I named one of my children after him.)
I tell you, people are good and decent.
After all that I'm too tired to write down my Divinity recipe. (you wouldn't get it anyway)
Oh I'll write it down some time. (Not really)


Anonymous said...

That was some trip. I don't think i've ever had divinity so you have to post the recipe.

AndreaLeigh said...

please share your recipe!

Stephanie said...

I don't need your recipe...I have my Nana's. ;) I love divinity and am so glad that my Mama taught me how to make it! I hope you enjoyed it!

This is my first time to your blog, love it....even your smart arse attitude. :) I'll be following you.

Creative Mish said...

I'm glad to hear that your bad day has a few good experiences..

JANE said...

OMG, after all that and you're NOT sharing!!!! Oh Nana, you are so cruel but you still make me LOL!!!
People are good, I keep telling hubby that! He's the pessimist, I'm the optimist, I believe in the best of people and of course, he the worst. But hey, we cancel each other out at least!!

tara @ kidz said...

eye Q? You (and the smartasses) kill me.

Emma said...

ooooooh DIVINITY!!!! Must go to kitchen now!!!!