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January 12, 2009

Izzy's Big Day

Last night was Izzy's big party, she was 2 on the 4th but we were all partied out and she didn't know the difference. Look at that face. We decided next Halloween she is going to be Dora the Explorer.

Doesn't brother Tonio (on the right) look excited. Calvin (on the left) forgot that Utah are the Champions of the World!! What's up with that Calvin??

Little Miss Hot Wind herself blowing all those candles out.

The Love was flowing......

Izzy and Chloe are 4 months apart in age. Izzy however, believes she is" Chlo Chlo's" mother.

The party is winding down. Notice the glazed over eyes, she wants her binky.

These two are ready to call it quits. Tonight Zeke is wearing another pair of Henry's P.J.'s. I guess that's what happens when poor Henry lives at Nana's. (Henry had to sleep naked last night.)

Happy Monday everyone. Thanks for letting me go on about the grand kids a little bit.


Pineapple Hill said...

Happy Birthday Izzy! That little Chloe is precious.

Carole said...

Happy Birthday Little one! Those kids are precious! Thanks for sharing


Anonymous said...

Share all you want. It is so nice to see a happy family. The kids are precious.

tammy said...

What a cutie she is!

Anonymous said...

totally naked I put my finger in your lovely warm, squishy, tight toddler p-ssy and work you good making you kick and giggle, your hand goes in my undies so you can feel how hard your little tod body makes my c=ck, then I lay you down, spread your legs and suck p=ssy until you squeal, kick and buck to your first orgasm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm now that p-ssy is mine baby girl, happy b'day