When humor goes, there goes civilization. ~Erma Bombeck

January 3, 2009

Last week I received this sweet and much appreciated award. I didn't follow bloggy etiquette by posting it right away or by choosing 8 more blogs to send it to. I have a reason it's dumb but it is a reason.

I didn't know how to post the picture on my blog. I know the sandwich man is smarter than me. Well Tara my DIL ( see I'm catching on, except today I was calling her my DOL and she was like what is that?) anyway she is who has been teaching me how to do all this stuff because I can't follow directions.
Well Tara had the nerve to go out of town last week and leave me to languish on my own. Today I went to her house and she once again showed me how to add a gadget, she is such a smarty pants.

So today I am showing my award given to me by Buttercream Cottage. We have become friends over the last few weeks and I do appreciate what she has done for me. She has 3 blogs, go and check them out.

Today I received The Lemonade award from Jolene at The Little Things in Life... she and I are just getting to know each other. She has some darling little ones that are so fun to look at. I also appreciate her thinking of me for this award. It tickles me that someone even takes time out to look and my ramblings.

Tara my DIL started Kidz a little while back, it is a blog encouraging, supporting, spotlighting families with special needs children. It is a beautiful blog site, showing us all what a blessing it is to have these wonderful little ones bless our families. Tara and my son Oby have a special needs daughter Chloe, our sweet little angel girl. Tara wanted to reach out to others trying to help as best as she could. I am her side kick. I love to cook and we thought I could be an extension of Kidz.

I could bring some yummy recipes and other great insights into your life. (what a laugh) I do like to laugh. Maybe sometimes I am too silly but it's all I got. Anyway that's how I got into this. I am having a ball meeting all of you and I hope to meet many, many more of you. The bloggy world is a blessing all in it's self.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, if we would all be as kind to one another in our so called real lives as we are in blog land this old world would be a much better place.
Back to me. Thanks for coming to visit and if you don't like silly well I'm sorry I can't help you!
Just be patient with me as I learn all this new fangled highly scientific jibberish.
Speaking of Chloe, (we were a little while ago) here she is in her Posh new hat from Auntie Em. Auntie Em if your watching Thank you for the hat!!!

Chloe is a great kisser.

Good Night and Sweet Dreams Everybody!!!!!


Alexis said...

yeah I'm so glad that you put your awards up! You go Nana.

Love the hat and the kisses ;).

Cynthia said...

What a little cutie. I'll go check out the Kidz site. I also think it's great you're willing to learn all this computer junk. I wish my Mom would even learn to e-mail but she's a stubborn one!

Jolene said...

I bet you are waaaaaaaay funnier than the sandwich man!

Anonymous said...

I am just learning all this blog stuff too LOL. I love the hat ( I want one) Nana has a great hairdo too!

tara @ kidz said...


Oh Nana you always make me giggle. I'm grateful you're capturing your fun personality in this blog. And I love helping you out with it, since it's my obsession and since I'm the one who all but forced you into this in the first place! Thanks for all you do. Love ya. =)

tara @ kidz said...

You're the best MIL ever. TTYL!