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January 10, 2009

Project Organization or Something Like That

O.K. I will print the Divinity recipe. Maybe later today.

Right now though I want to talk about getting organized. This is really my pet project for 2009. I also am bound and determined to spend less at the grocery store.
I want to recommend a book called

"Shop Smart, Save More by Teri Gault founder of http://www.thegrocerygame.com/

Teri lays everything out for you in an easy to follow list of everything that is on sale, in YOUR own grocery store and the coupons that go with that list.

Where I live we have a guy named The Grocery Guru he does pretty much the same thing as Teri. I'm sure you can find a grocery guru or something like him locally where you live.

Then you can also go to pennypinching.com

And last but not least we have our very own blogging Tip Junkie. All of these people take a lot of time to show us all how we can save a dime and I for one am very appreciative.

Now comes the organization topic.

I found a book called "Project Organization Quick and Easy Ways to Organize Your Life" AAck I just sneezed and threw my back out. I must be allergic to organization. Yep that has to be it.

I'll continue even though I am in great physical discomfort.

This book is by Marie Ricks

Marie gives one tip I really think will come in handy for me. She uses what she calls"Rubber-band Babies" This tip is for people who buy things in bulk or stock up on things. If you read Teri's book you will find out these are things you should do.

I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and we are taught to stock up and buy in bulk starting at infancy. Really. My mom made me buy my own pacifiers, only on sale of course!

When something is on sale at the grocery store I buy in bulk. Let's take ketchup for instance,say I buy 12 bottles of ketchup then stick them in my fruit room. Yes I have a fruit room. As I am stacking my ketchup on the shelves Marie says to take the last bottle and put a rubber band around it. This will let you know when you take it off the shelf it is your last bottle of ketchup.

You then take the rubber band off the ketchup, flip yourself in the eye with it and you will have then seared it into your brain that you are out of ketchup. Oh wait that is my technique. Marie's technique is to take the ketchup off the shelf and make a quick note on your stock up list or grocery list that you are out of ketchup. TADA

Now that doesn't seem so hard does it. Stocking up when raising a family is, I think, essential.

You can never have too much Pepsi , for instance or valium. You know the basics.

Those are my tips for the day. And when I find my camera I will take a picture of my fruit room! See how organized I am.

Have a great Saturday!


Sera said...

I loved how Mike heard PJ say something TOTALLY different than what was actually said. I am the same way, is it a German thing, or maybe a Bennett thing? Yes, you can call me Grandma Schwarz... I think mom clutters as a result of having a clean nazi mom, and I am a clean nazi as a result of having a clutter mom (and not having kids helps mantain my cleanliness quirk). However, I refuse to sweep the gutters!

Anonymous said...

Just yesterday I threw out 2 garbage bags of expired stock ups! I always buy in bulk, family habit too.

Tabitha Blue said...

Hey sounds like a great project for 2009!!! Good luck in your journey. I think it's the perfect year for it. We all need a bit more of that in our lives. Organization brings a simpler life!!