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February 3, 2009

Chicken Vegetable Alfredo Soup

We are having Clam Chowder this evening however, I have already posted that recipe so I decided I would post this yummy soup recipe.

This is a hearty delicious yet quick and easy meal. I am having problems getting the picture of it uploaded but I will keep trying.


1 Cup chopped broccoli

1/2 Cup chopped carrots

1/2 Cup chopped onion

1/2 Cup diced red bell pepper

1 garlic clove, pressed

1 can (14 1/2 oz.) chicken broth

2 Cups diced cooked chicken ( I just bake up a couple of chicken breasts )

1 TBS. snipped basil

1 jar ( 16 oz.) Alfredo sauce

Grated fresh Parmesan cheese

1. Chop broccoli, carrots and onion. Dice bell pepper. Place broccoli, carrots, onion, bell pepper and garlic in a medium Saucepan. Add broth: bring to a boil. cover, reduce heat and simmer, uncovered, 5 minutes or until vegetables are crisp - tender.

2. Meanwhile, dice chicken. Snip basil and set aside. Add chicken and Alfredo sauce to brother, simmer 5 minutes or until heated through. Remove from heat, stir basil into soup.

3 When serving sprinkle with Parmesan cheese, if desired.

Yield: 4 servings I always double this recipe.

My trusty helpers P.J. and Henry will be helping me with Sugar Cookies later. I will post pictures. I have already posted the recipe. We are going to actually go and speak to our neighbors while bearing gifts. ( cookies) This is something our neighborhood never does. We all are helpful to each other when a dog gets out or a kid needs help etc. but, when such occurrences arise we don't know each others names.

Our neighbors to the south are known to us as Rock Boy and Rock Girl. He used to sell us rocks when we first moved in. I finally told him to shove off. He preceded to try to sell me old News Papers.

After that he and his sister broke into my dad's truck to retrieve some change sitting on the seat.

Why are we giving them cookies ? Well they are in prison now and their parents are sad. No they have quit there thieving ways , so we are trying to show good will blah blah blah.

Our neighbor to the north is a single guy, who never gets homemade cookies. I don't think he cares but we are giving him some anyway.

We are even going to venture around the corner. Wish us luck and may God be with us.


Mama Wheaton said...

Good Luck! The soup looks yummy.

Pineapple Hill said...

That soup looks sooo good. Hope things go well with your deliveries. You should probably put the aluminum foil in your shirt before you go. I think it will help. teehee

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

What a nice idea with the cookies. I hope they don't tell you to shove off. LOL!

The soup looks fantastic - can't wait to try it.

Lisa Loo said...

You go girl! Love your descriptions of your neighbors. We have to hike a half a mile just to find our neighbors----we don't even help with the lost dog issue--the whole shoot first--figure out what it was in the morning--when its light-talk about an adventure----good luck!

Mona said...

I'm getting to old to have to cook..but..I'll just lick the computer screen and call it a day!! :) Seriously it looks great! It is definitely soup I would love.
About your brother in law. My son is in his mid fifties..and I cannot concieve of losing him at his age and in such a manner. I am SO sorry for your family. It is a terrible way to go. I think the worst is that they are aware to the very last. At least Frank was. They know what is happening to them..
I have no idea what makes me keep going. I think I am in survival mode. I admit I cry a lot. Sometimes over almost nothing. So..I am probably ...I will never be over it. That is why I married a man who had been married for 53 years. He lets me talk. He understands. Anyway. Probably should have emailed instead of talking about this on here. I love your blog. It makes me laugh and I need that. I get silly on mine to. Again..survival mode.
Hugs to you..and thanks so much for stopping by.

JANE said...

Sold Rocks!!!! Hmmm wonder if that would work around here......

Love the recipe!!

Anonymous said...

Well now I need your clam chowder recipe too!

Creative Mish said...

Good luck on the cookies! I beleive its better to be the better person!

andy said...

New person! New person! I'll try not to be too stalker-ific;) Thanks for coming by my corner of weird...the whole syphilis thing is a loooooong story. Short version, mouth cankers...stupid old fart doctor thought he was being funny...not realizing Andy is totally paranoid about EVERYTHING...blah blah blah. It's become a running joke around my page. But it is starting to get old. Not to mention people are not going to want to neck with me if I keep saying I have syphilis:) Take care. And I would totally eat your soup...even with all the veggies it looks NUMMY!

Debbie said...

You are being such a good neighbor! We should all learn from you. And that soup looks great.

Small House said...

Was just checking out of the blog world for the morning, and saw you stopped by. Love your blog, and I WILL make some of those brownies. Hope your cookie drop off with the neighbor went well. Fun blog.
Oh and the Lexapro on my blog...I'm with ya there. I just take something else. HAHAHAHAHA

Denyse said...

Oh! This looks yummy...and simple! Two of my favorite things =)

ann said...

What do you mean?Can't I be artsy-fartsy too?Yeah,I got a little class,huh?Just kiddin.How are you ,you sweet lady?
This recipe looks fabulous,But Roo wouldn't appreciate me if i ate his cousin.Now would he?...Ann

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Another delectable dinner recipe from my favorite Nana on the blogosphere. Thank you!

Can't wait to see the pictures of the boys and the sugar cookies. Anything that combines sugar and children is always a good time.


Live.Love.Eat said...

Oh how that looks good!!!!!!

Thanks for stopping in!!