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February 20, 2009

Honest Scrap and My Purse of the Day

Mama's Online Cafe gave me the Honest Crap....er...Scrap Award the other day and I wanted to thank her. As you know these awards come with rules, the rules that apply to this one are that I must tell you 10 honest things about myself and then pass it on to some of you other suckers that I am nosey about.

Well here goes:

1. I am already stumped.

2. I have a drivers license, yeah that's a good start.

3.My youngest brother is 15 yrs. younger than I am.

4. I baby sat said brother while high( on life) one New Year's Eve. (my mom is either really dense or just really needed to go out that night)

5. It was just recently I told my mom about above incident, she laughed, my brother is still mad. I told him to give it up already. I only dropped him once and he slept like a rock the rest of the night, so did I. ha ha ha ha I just think that is so funny. Maybe I'm still a little high. (on life)

6. I did not inhale.

7. I was pregnant with my mother in law and sister in law. We had our babies 6 weeks apart.
There is a great story that goes along with above statement. I will dish it later.

8. I have cliff dived at Lake Powell, er ... I cliff jumped after my 5 yr. old son went before me. What a little show off. I thought I was going to die! We were with the youth from church and they were all "come on." Between them and my son I didn't have a chance.

9. I have been Camp Young Women's Leader a million times, they liked me because ( i don't know what the yellow is all about) we made a big fire and got high. (on life, really this time) Well actually I was the Y.W. Pres. Love the girls!!!!!!!

10. I have been married for almost 28 yrs. It seems like 5 minutes.......under water! Oh you know I love love love my Papa!!!

O.k. then there it is.

Oh Dear it is going to be one of those nights. Wifeoriley
tagged me the other night also, I must show you a picture of my purse. The purse I am currently using. That's my RX's hanging out of the top.

I asked Papa if he would take a picture of my purse and well, let's just say he misunderstood and had a conniption fit. He was all WHAT???!!!!! "I mean come on! I don't talk like a drunken sailor!"

He was either thinking, I don't know what he was thinking. I am moving on!! I just have to say his eyes almost popped out of his head and, now I am moving on.

I also must tell you how much this purse cost. It was $19.99, so yes you know it is real leather!!
I bought it in St. George Utah at one of the outlet stores down there.

I went to St. George last fall with some of my kids and grandkids, my oldest son works with my husband and must go to St. George on business every fall, so some of us join him. St. George is an hour from Vegas. ( we never go there) It is a beautiful little town in the desert. In the fall it is great because it is no longer 120 degrees outside, but you can still lay by the pool all day, go to Chuck A Rama then shop till you drop. That's about as exciting as that trip got.

Along with the picture of my purse you get to see what a mess my house is today. Papa also was told not to get me in the picture, he is dead meat.

I will Scrap and tag some of you all later.

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Amanda said...

You totally crack me up!!

Kristina P. said...

OK, when you said you were pregnant with both your MIL and SIL, I was so confused. I'm so glad you added the "at the same time" part. ;)

Jolene said...

#4-6 really made me laugh!

Mama Wheaton said...

You are a very funny lady! I like your purse and I liked it more when it only cost $19.99.

Megan said...

Funny funny lady! lol

AndreaLeigh said...

cute cute purse!

Grand Pooba said...

Wow I can't believe you got pregnant with both your mil and your sil! That must have hurt when they were both born!

(Tee hee, wanna share some of that "life" you speak so "highly" of?)

Joelle said...

Oh I love purses! Congrats on the award as well. :) Stopped by to give you some clicky love!

nikkicrumpet said...

YOU KILL ME! I am laughing so hard about the "misunderstanding" about the "purse" picture. YOU ARE SO BAD AND SOOOO FUNNY! I was Young Women's camp director for a few years too...I think that's the very best calling I ever had! By the end of camp I had them all chanting in unison..."Nikki has ultimate power" needless to say they behaved very well hehehe

Lisa Loo said...

I too was concerned for your "purse" when you had to give birth to your mil and sil!!

The whole inhaling thing would explain so much about some of your posts!

And last but not least---I thought we were kindred spirits until the whole loving YW's Camp thing. AAAHHH!! Girls and dirt---AAAAHHHH!!

ann said...

You just kep em a comin and I'll keep on a laughin,ok?..amm