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April 22, 2009

Breaking News

My youngest brother is a Sheriff here in town, you may think you have seen him somewhere before, but you haven't. He just has one of those faces. Anyway, as of late his job has been more exciting than ever!!. He drove home from work the other morning, ( around 1:30 a.m.) parked his vehicle in front of the house as he gabbed with one of his Sheriff buddies on the phone. ( nothing unusual, they tell each other everything) As he looked up at home sweet home he noticed some idiot was trying to break into his wife's car.

He was in his personal vehicle, not his patrol car. ( it's a long story, he can't take his patrol car out of city limits and he doesn't live in the city blah blah blah) Anyway he said night night to his buddy and calmly sat watching this guy snooping around. (Note to burglar: Keep an eye out for approaching police man) The burglar was oblivious to the fact that the Sheriff was even there. Soon Mr. Burglar realized the car was locked so he moved onto....... get this....... MY BROTHERS CAR!!!!!!! Brother Sheriff was very interested to see how this was going to pan out.

Mr. Burglar reached for the car door. Brother Sheriff was cool as a cucumber, as burglar reached for handle, brother pushed open his door and shouted Stop you $#%&*$ *&!#%& POLICE!!!!

Their eyes met and brother Sheriff heard PFTTTTTTTTT!!!! Mr. Burglar had pooped his pants!

That did not matter, Mr. Burglar twirled around so fast he lost his shoes and ran. The chase was on and yes, the Sheriff was truly sniffing out crime one step at a time!!! After chasing this fool through the neighborhood the Sheriff was able to tackle the idiot. Soon after back up arrived. However, no one wanted said idiot in their car. After a few rounds of rock, paper, scissors the loser carted Mr. Burglar poopy pants off to jail.

Well Brother Sheriff is quite the town hero now. The department gave him a new shirt, his story has been on t.v. the radio and even the Newspaper! I am so proud I could poop my pants.

That's not the only excitement going on around here. On Friday I received this in the mail. Miss Kelly Kelly from A Girl Named Kelly Kelly sent me a package full of her favorite things!!!

Henry and I were very excited.

He liked the popcorn!!

I have to say this was a VERY NICE treat. Her favorite tumbler, gum, lotions, candy, popcorn, note pad, magazine, and last but not least her fav lip gloss!!! The lip gloss is now my new fav also!

Then....... I received this from Rebekah's giveaway. Rebekah is from Tummy Yummies. Now how can you not like a blog with a name like that!

I won a Yoplait gift kid's gift set that the kids went crazy for! I thought I was just winning the water bottle. Awesome, right?

Well I want to thank my Bloggy friends for the wonderful gifts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check them out they are both great ladies.

Thank you again, and Good night all.

I am going to try to keep up in bloggy land. I had to take a little break.


Kristina P. said...

Hahaha! I LOVE that. I hope the humiliation was enough of a deterrent.

Kathy B! said...

Good job sherrif :)

You got some nice goodies! Welcome back to bloggyland Nana... when you are gone our house has much less yummy food to eat.

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

Congrats to the Brother Sheriff! Love all the Barney Fife pictures. I kept waiting for you to work in the phrase "nip it in the bud".

And congrats to you for all those great gifts - what fun!

Mary at My New 30 said...

Oh dear lord that is HILARIOUS! Mr. Burglar Poopy Pants. I'm dying over here LMAO!!!

Gotcha some goodies there did ya? Cool!

Amanda said...

Ok, that story about your brother, to funny! Mr Burglar I'm going to assume was not one of the sharpest tools in the shed. That'll learn 'em.

And look at you just racking in all the free stuff! That's really awesome and congrats ;)

Midwest Mommy said...

Wow, your yoplait gift set beats the one I won a couple months ago, lol! I got a coupon and a lunch box.

Mandy said...

Congrats to the both of you!! I would love to have a sheriff sittin on my street!! Hopefully we keep the luck of not having any burglars on our street!! I am glad he got him!! Lots of times they don't get caught so YAYAYAY!!
Love all the goodies you got!! How fun is that??!!

JANE said...

Oh yeah, rolling on the floor!! I've missed you!

Debbie said...

Now that must have been one hardened criminal to poop his pants like that! Too funny.

Lisa Loo said...

I read this story on someone else's blog today---what are the odds that it would be your brother??!! Now I will have to try and remember where I read it. Hilarious story!

Angie said...

Isn't there some kind of show called World's Dumbest Criminals. Perhaps you should give them a call and tell you them you have a great idea for a future episode.

wendy said...

Oh that was a funny story about your brother - The Sheriff, those photos, he looks like someone I have seen before.(tee,hee) Poopy pants ---scared the crap right out of him. (laughing)

Cynthia said...

Oh my heck! I saw that story on the news and busted a gut laughing! Now that I know the Sheriff is your brother it's even funnier. Glad that the criminal's actions will be featured in "News of the Weird" type news columns for YEARS. HA!

Deanna said...

They should have made Mr. Poopypants Burglar walk to the jail. Ewwwwwww about putting him in a car.
What a great care package. Lucky you!

Small House said...

OKAY...that was so funny!! Really, this just made my day. LAUGH-LAUGH

Don't you love swaps and giveaways? You got some great loot!!

Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

He pooped his pants! HIlarious!!!!

Grand Pooba said...

That was seriously your younger brother? I've heard about that all over the place! That's awesome, I'm so excited, you totally startled me...crap


Connie said...

That's a great story about your brother and I love Barney Fife...such great pictures!

You must be one lucky moth - grandma - to win all those things!

Thanks for the visit to my blog. Come back again...any time.

Mimi Sue said...

WOW! Can I have your brother's autograph? I guess criminals are not the brightest bulb on the string. Love all your new stuff. Mimi

Ms Cupcake said...

Happy Friday! Dropping by from sits. Have a great weekend.

Ms Cupcake
Zen Cupcake

nikkicrumpet said...

You know you are one macho lawman when you can scare the chit out of the criminal! Loved the story. I'm so glad he got his man!