When humor goes, there goes civilization. ~Erma Bombeck

April 10, 2009


Lately it seems I do not have enough time or inclination to do my blogging. I just can't seem to keep up with everything.

Today is my 28th wedding anniversary. YAY!!! We are going to go out next weekend because this week has been a whirlwind. I should be cleaning my house right now but, I am going to bed as soon as I finish up here.

My sister in law had a baby shower for my niece Ashle tonight. Ashle was not there as she lives in Washington and we live in Utah. That didn't stop us from having fun and oohing and awwing over her presents.

Before the shower my daughter Megan stopped at my house with Zeke and her hubby Nick.
Things got very quiet (which is not normal with Zeke around) This is where we found him.

He loves dogs. He has always liked to snuggle with our big mean Bull dog. GRRRRRR.

Izzy was there tonight at the shower. This little girl is a hoot!! Her big talent these days is burping like a truck driver.

This one here is causing all sorts of chaos around here and so is the baby. Mom had eye surgery on Wednesday which turned out great, she is doing very well! Her eye already looks better even though it is black and blue. I should have taken a picture.

I think when things get crazy around here I just need to meditate. P.J. has got it down.

My meditation ends up looking like Henry's. I just don't get it quite right.

April 7th was my B-Day. Thank you well wishers!! April 11th is my son Oby's B-Day so we had a birthday bash on Monday night.

Izzy could not wait to blow out the candle. Weston was practicing his ballet in the background.
It's been a fun week however, I am exhausted. I think my get up and go, got up and went. Hopefully next week I will be back to tip top. I have some yummy recipes I wanted to post for Easter. One of them is the frosting on that cake. It is the only frosting I make that actually has a recipe and everyone love, love, loves it!!!! I am not kidding people.
Happy Easter everyone!!!!


Sparcam said...

You do not look old enough to have a grown son! Let alone grandchildren!! I guess laughter is the best medicine!

Kristina P. said...

Such cute kids! And happy 28th anniversary! I hope we make it that long. :)

My New 30 said...

Yeah, you are lookin' good gal!

Happy Belated Birthday and Happy Anniversary too!! That's a LONG time to put up with one man LOL. (BTW, this is coming from a very sleep deprived woman whose husband kept her up ALL night with his snoring.)

The pictures are so sweet - thanks for sharing your family with us. My son and my husband are still leery about pictures on the internet so I don't get to show my family darn it.

Can't wait to see your frosting recipe!

Happy Easter!! (I should be making my grandson's Easter basket instead of foolin' round on the internet...)

TMI Tara said...

Sorry we're wearing you out. Just think - summer is coming soon, and that really wears me out! But I love it too. =)

KelleyAnne said...

Happy Anniversary. I've missed ya. Cute pictures of those yummy kids. Happy Easter!

The Pachuilo Family said...

Well happy late Birthday and Anniversary! I am so bummed that I wasn't able to make my own shower, it's not like I had the baby or anything. (Just stuck up here in WA and the rain.) But I am glad you had fun at the shower, and I can't wait to see all the cute girly stuff.

Lisa Loo said...

You are so beautiful and I agree--you look way too young to have children who are having children!! I can't wait for the recipes!!

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

Well, happy birthday, happy anniversary and happy Easter! Happy, happy, happy!

Sometimes it helps to take a bloggy break to get your mojo back. Rest up and enjoy.

As always, loved the pictures!

nikkicrumpet said...

I wish I had aged as beautifully as you have. You still look like a kid yourself!~ And Happy belated Anniversary!!! It looks like you've all had a very busy week full of family and love.

Kathy B! said...

Just blog when you can crack addicts like me will be back whenever you have time. And since you've told me how busy you are, now I won't worry that you're having a bad go of it :)

Love you and you blog Nana...

Although I do have to INSIST on regular recipe updates. I think we have a similar palate!

I'm just me... said...

Happy belated birthday and happy anniversary!

I am looking for a yummy egg salad recipe for all the easter eggs my Tink colored. Your blog was the first place I thought of to check. I'm going to check you older posts to see if you have one on here somewhere.

ann said...

happy birthday sweet lady...ann