When humor goes, there goes civilization. ~Erma Bombeck

September 28, 2009

Fun With Dick and Jane a.k.a. Mom and Dad

This morning dad was sitting in his front doorway waiting for me to come over and water my pots. I opened the door (bad idea) and he said "Can you do me a big favor today?" I replied "Sure what do you need?"

Long story short he wanted me to follow mom to the body shop and drop off the van. It needs a little work.
Mom dings it now and then running into other vehicles and such.

When it was time to go I told mom to remember I was following her because I had no idea where we were going. Her reply was O.K. so I pretty much thought she understood the concept of someone following behind.

Everything was fine until we hit Beck street. (A busy street w/ lots of lights) VROOM she speeds through a yellow light." HELLOOOOO!" She realized her mistake and pulled over to wait for me as I was stuck at the light when it turned red. I was relieved and we went our way.

We came upon another light at a busier intersection and VROOM she speeds through another yellow light. "HOLY HANNAH WOMAN!!" This time she just keeps on going while I am stuck at another red light.

Then all the traffic dumps off of Victory road onto Beck Street and mom completely disappears.

Mom is not fazed by this because as I was to learn later, there was a grey truck following her which she thought was me. Never mind that it was loaded down with a Camper and a Polynesian man was driving it. My truck is Silver, we have no Camper and I am not Polynesian.

The light turns green for me and I am thinking" hmmmm maybe I should have gotten the address after all." Lucky for me I have a Cell phone and my posh truck also has a phone so I call my dad to find out where the hell I am going.

He tells me not to get on the freeway, (that was good to know) just go to Highway 89 turn left on Center street then head to Redwood Road and I would then be at the Maverick station. He told me I would then see said body shop called Higbee's or Rigby's he could not remember.

I think great. I can do that. Center street is blocked by construction, no big deal I just keep going and eventually I am at the Maverick station. There is no body shop in sight.

I call dad again. I ask him to be a bit more specific in his directions. He tells me to go north half a block and I would run right into it.

I drive about four blocks and see a sign that says Higgon's then as I got closer in small letters I saw Body Shop and Repair. I then have to turn down a little road and low and behold there it is. There is mom's van and there is mom.

That's when she told me about the grey truck that she thought was me. I told her I could see how she could make such an easy mistake since once again we have no Camper and I am not a man let alone Polynesian, a BIG Polynesian man.

I don't know though, between those two old people I may move to Tonga!


Kathy B! said...

I thought for sure your mom would crash into you on the way there! This is a much better outcome, really :)

Connie said...

Oh, my...I laughed out loud! Great story and love the picture of the van with just a few dings.
My daughter's in-laws go to Tonga quite a bit. There is a flight that goes both ways! You'll probably still see those sweet old people!

Cynthia said...

Sorry for your wild trip. At least you both got there safely. My FIL had disable his parents car when they tried to drive without insurance 3 years after they gave up driving. I hope your Mom will be able to keep driving for awhile longer. I think...

TMI Tara said...

Oh no! Not again..... Poor van!

Mimi Sue said...

I know you won't believe it but you're going to miss these adventures when they're gone. Gone where? Maybe Tonga. Mimi

KelleyAnne said...

So glad you found the place. I love the way you tell your stories! I've been computerless again. Glad to be back♥

Kelly said...

Love the description; a few dings!

Deanna said...

Count your blessings! Hubbby rear ended me (with the car ;) )one time when he was trying to follow me someplace.

Grand Pooba said...

Oh no, it's already starting. First it's mistakin you for a polynesian man and the next thing you know they're trying to eat the plastic fruit from the coffee table.

(yes, my grandma did that)

The Garden of Egan said...

I certainly can't drive in Utah, your mom is a rock star! Don't discourage her!!!!!

Jane In The Jungle said...

ROFL!!! Sure you're not Polynesian??