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October 21, 2009

Halloween Fun

Here are the pictures from our Sugar Cookie/ Caramel Corn Swaray

Everyone lined up and ready to frost.
Yes, I am a very loving grandma.

Notice Zeke has no clothes on. There was good reason for that. His mother knew frosting was going to be everywhere but on the cookie. (mom frosted the cookie)
Henry loved his masterpiece so much he would not eat it.
P.J. likes the crusted with sugar look.
Sweet Chloe loves watching the fun.
My daughter Megan, DIL Aisha, daughter Taylor, myself. I am wearing a darling apron Tara (who preferred not to be in the picture because of wet hair) gave me, it is not a moo-moo. Oh, and my mom hiding behind us because she is still in her pajamas. The woman does not get dressed until at least 2:00.
Anthony, (he no longer likes to go by Tonio) with his cookies. Is he flashing gang signs? I better check into that.
Cute little Izzy was not feeling so swell but, she loved decorating. Those cookies look spooky to me.
Aunt Taylor loving up Chloe. That is not hard to do.
Again I show you P.J's lovely technique. Do you think he had enough sugar there? He wanted more.
We had to show you all Zeke's shirt, because Papa is a power lifter. We call him the old Silver Back Gorilla. When Meg saw this she had to buy it. Megan used to power lift with Papa. (competitively, she won a world record, she was like the tiniest female there) Anyway that is the story with the shirt.
My brother the Sheriff with Chloe ( no one likes her) Remember he's the one that made the would be car thief poop his pants. Ha ha that story will live forever. Well it's Halloween time so there will be much more Halloweening to come. Have a great day.


Amanda said...

Cute pictures, Nana! Zeke and Chloe look a lot alike, they could be brother and sister.

Anne Fannie said...

Looks like it was a fun time at Nana's House!
How fun it all looks! Your kids and grandkids are adorable!

Lorilee said...

Lucky grandchildren and lucky grandma! Looks like ya'll had tons of fun!

Connie said...

"Sugar" cookies have taken on a whole new meaning! Looks like a great time. Love your apron and the fact that your pajama clad mom was hiding behind you, makes me laugh!

Grand Pooba said...

Only cool grandmas give their grandkids bunny ears!

The Higbee's said...


Jane In The Jungle said...

LOVE the pictures and excuse me but do you have a new doo?? And you know I mean your hair!!!!!

Power lifter....hello...bet you don't make her mad!!

Oz Girl said...

Your header is beautiful ... I am still in awe that you have SEVEN grandchildren. Look at you, you're beautiful and beaming... must be the grandkids. I need to get me some. :)

This was such a fun post... I was laughing out loud at their cookie decorations. Brings back memories of making cookies with my son. They DO love to overdecorate, don't they?!

Hope you're having a lovely Sunday. With the grandkids, of course!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

That little girl, Chloe, is just adorable...