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October 25, 2009

Halloween Partay, Woot Woot! Or Should I Say Boo?

Enter if you dare!!!!!!!!!!!

Dad and Chloe dared to come in.

These guys are watching football, while the other poor sucker dad's were downstairs carving pumpkins.

You know sometimes he is a little devil.

I like Pete's shirt.

The Dr. brought a prostitute. I don't know where they picked up the dino.

Izzy can't wait for mom to take her out to the SPOOK ALLEY!!!

Chloe thought all the costumes were a riot.

This little witch would not hold still long enough to take her picture.

The whole bunch. No the lady bug is not tipsy.

Chloe loves Uncle Nick.

Here is our tour guide through the SPOOK ALLEY. I think he is the scariest thing out there!! He likes to grab things in the dark.

Eeeeew one witch.

And her boyfriend.

Hmmm, another witch. You know the other witch disappeared. I hope she didn't make it to your bedrooms kiddies. Ha ha ha ha. Papa did tell them that.

We heard strange noises down in the back yard.

Some of the the noise was that dang scary Mexican, and his Werewolf friend.

This guy lives in our attic window every October but, this year he escaped!!!! Eeeeek.

He wants to eat the children!

Here is our motley backyard crew. Notice our monsters all seem to have obsessions w/ West High. You know three of them are single. The Ogre, the maimed man in his gardening hat and the Werewolf. Come on ladies don't ya think they are hotties.

This is what will happen to you if you step on this guys tomatoes. Poor guy didn't stand a chance.

See, he is warning those pesky kids not to dare step on one tomato or else!! Most of them had left screaming anyway.

Well, there was some of our Halloween fun. Thanks for letting me share.


Kristina P. said...

So fun! I love Halloween.

TMI Tara said...


Connie said...

I promise I won't step on a tomato!
Looks like you had great fun!

Cynthia said...

Ackkkkk! That dead dude on a stake is seriously creepy! What a fun party- you all know how to have a good time!

The Garden of Egan said...

Wow! That was awesome! Looks like a fun time. Scary stuff! The guy on the stake looks like he is not having so much fun though.

Grand Pooba said...

Please tell me all the monsters and witches will be gone by this Thursday! Especially that prostitute, I'd hate for my pimp to come kick her butt for steppin on my turf.

The Pachuilo Family said...

Looks like the kids had a blast. I bet PJ and Henry loved it since they weren't able to make it last year. You really do go all out for Halloween, one year we will have to make it and come to this Halloween Party of yours. Miss you and can't wait to see you for Christmas!

Deanna said...

Which witch were you???? I'll never ever step on a tomato again! Wow you guys really go all out! My idea of dressing up for halloween is throwing a pair of overalls and a straw hat on and go as Farmer Brown. I know, I'm boring...

Amanda said...

Hey, you dang kids, get off my lawn!! Looks like it was a super fun party!

Emma said...

times like this really make me miss living there!!!!

Andrea said...

Fun! Except for the tomato part...I would've run away screaming, too.

Sera said...

The part where Mike grabs things in the dark...TMI!!!! LOL

Mimi Sue said...

Your motley backyard crew looks like the guys in my daughter's single ward when they get fixed up for going to church on Sunday. It's truly pathetic. I think the little ladybug's had too much sugar. Mimi

Emma said...

Cute pictures looks like you guys had a great time!!!

The poor guy who stepped on your tomatoes, nest time he better watch were he is walking!!!1

Mandy said...

oh Nana you are so stickin funny!! That looks like one heck of a party!! Do the kids sleep at night?? I'm not sure my boys would be able to sleep after seeing all those scary things and they are all boy!! :) FUN!! We love Halloween around here!! Lots of fun family traditions!!

Bonnie the Boss said...

I think the pic of Chloe and Uncle Nick is my fave! So cute! It looks like a great party!

Kelly said...

Those were great! It looks like y'all had lots of fun. I loved the comment about Papa grabbing things in the dark!!!!

wendy said...

I love that photo of you and all the kids in the Kitchen. Great!!!
What a fun halloween party. I love to see the costumes. I won't get any halloweeners this year (cause we live too much in the boonies)

Next time I am in the store getting tomatoes, I'll say a little prayer for those who risked their lives to get them there. YIKES!!!!

Jane In The Jungle said...

OMG that is hysterical!!!! The single guys...and your pimping for them of course!!

Of course my fave was the papa comment...he likes to grab things in the dark, ROFLMAO!!

Debbie said...

Great photos. You guys must have had a blast, even though I doubt he is ever a devil:)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

YIKES! SO scary and so spooky and so much fun for the kiddies, not to mention the adults! :):)