When humor goes, there goes civilization. ~Erma Bombeck

May 31, 2009

Teriyaki Chicken

Sweet William

I don't have a picture of this for you. I used this on little William's blessing day and yum it was a huge hit, it always is. Can you believe I was so busy being hostess that I forgot to take a picture? Oh well.

This is the original recipe, don't have a stroke you can cut it in half or thirds or whatever.

Here goes:

60 boneless skinless chicken breasts, yes I wrote 60.


4 cups soy sauce

4 cups brown sugar

3 cups water

3 cups apple juice

3/4 cups ketchup

2 TBS. red pepper flakes

12 cloves garlic ( can use equivalent minced bottled garlic)

24 TBS. cornstarch

3 - 4 cups water

Mix all the sauce ingredients together, except cornstarch and water, in a large container.
Place chicken in crock pots - you will need 5 or six crock pots. I got away with using 4 big ones.
Divide sauce evenly into each crock pot. Cook on low for 6 - 7 hrs.

In the last 20 minutes, mix the cornstarch with water and add an even portion to each crock pot. Cook an additional 30 minutes.

This recipe is a winner. We had over 40 people here for dinner on that Sunday afternoon. Everyone was going nuts over the chicken. I was just going nuts!

May 22, 2009

Friday Fun

Remember Henry, well if you don't this is him nursing his baby.
Henry lives with us, as do his parents and brothers.
Here is one of Henry's brothers. His name is William. I was going to actually post a recipe today. The recipe I used for William's blessing day. Teriyaki Chicken if anyone cares, however as I was posting and Taylor (P.J., Henry and William's mom) was nursing. I heard Taylor scream "Mom, Henry has pooped his pants somewhere and is now standing here naked." Yes he was naked except for the poo he had smeared all over his hands and legs not to mention what his bum looked like.
After I had cleaned Henry up. Taylor and I played a quick game of Poo Poo Go Find the Poo.
What hadn't stayed stuck in his crack he kindly left in the laundry room.
Now my whole house must be bleached and I feel it wouldn't do my Teriyaki Chicken recipe justice to post it after all this poo talk.
I find it amazing that Henry has the ability to nurse his baby, but still craps his pants. Oh well.
I thought since as usual I was on the topic of grandchildren I would also share a fun game you can play with them while baby sitting.
This game keeps them quiet for hours.
First, as you can see you simply pull their shirt up over their head.

Also you will note that they may struggle for a moment or two, thirty max.

Then out of sheer exhaustion the victim err grandchild will then give up and sit there quietly, well sure there might be some muffled crying noises but just ignore them and go about your business.
Check to see if they are still breathing every so often. I mean you want to keep the game fun and all.
There you go another great tip from Nana. Enjoy!
I have to go commence on the bleaching process now. Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 16, 2009

Where's My Mother?

Well bloggy friends I am attempting to make a post while Henry and P.J. are fighting with each other in the living room.
Mom and dad are in New Hampshire living it up while I am stuck with these two.

Actually for the most part they have been really good. Mom and dad are at dad's graduation from Law School. Woo hoo! Ummmm, just wanted to let you know I am still around, don't know if I will be making regular posts for a little while.
I am so glad I had my kids when I was young. I had a lot more energy. I wish though I had the patience I have now. Things the kids do just don't get to me like they used to. You know pee pants, pooped pants, mud from head to toe, not wanting to eat their dinner etc. I just lay in bed and tell them to take care of themselves or lock them out on the deck.
P.J. actually woke up at 4:oo a.m. this morning wanting grape juice. I got him a glass threw it in his face and told him to go back to sleep!
I however, could not go back to sleep, but I layed there in bed trying. I should have just stayed up.
Mom will be home on Monday. YAY!!!!!

May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Mom

First of all I want to say thank y0u to my daughter in law Tara for putting these pictures on a disk for me.

I want to tell my mom Happy Mother's Day!

This is mom, dad, little Nana and my brother the painter.
Mom and I bringing in the New Year.

A few years later on Christmas Eve. I was skinny once. Love the glasses.

This is mom on her way to deliver my younger brother Matt. This picture cracks me up. "Yes I am in terrible pain but let's take a parting picture." Mom loves this pic. That is my Aunt and Grandma Taylor.

Again a few years later with my first son Jamie, grandma T. and my dad. We had to get the four generation picture.

The four generation pic again only this time with my Nana and Papa Jamie and my mom.

Dad took our wedding invitation pictures. He stood on a ladder in the middle of a creek in the middle of winter to get the right shot. Dad, me, and mom.

Never, never, never let your grandma and mother give you a home perm. This is the year my hair fell out.

Mom after church. Ever so stylish.

Here we are my brothers, myself and good old mom and dad.
Happy Mother's Day everyone!!

May 1, 2009

Wheeler Farm

Everyone thinks the Swine Flu started in Mexico...... I don't know who this poor kid is but, all I can say is yuck!! Tara sent me this picture. The heading on it read The CDC recommends You Do Not Do This!

Here are our pictures from Wheeler Farm. We did see a pig bite a kids finger. The sign on their pen clearly said Do Not Feed Your Fingers To The Animals.

Henry watching the ducks.

There is a horse in the background, to bad you can't see it.

There were a couple Turkeys there.

Izzy and Henry found these sticks mesmerizing.
Have a great Friday. I have some really good recipes coming up. Stay Tuned.