When humor goes, there goes civilization. ~Erma Bombeck

July 17, 2010

Cougar Town

The deer have not been back since our little Cougar urine incident. I could not have been happier until I saw this dude under my Apricot tree this morning.....

Not really! First of all, if I came across him there would have been even more urine problems. (in my pants) Second I wouldn't have stuck around to take his picture!! The deer really have not returned. So, I say if your having problems with em go get some Cougar Urine. I bought mine on line from the company pictured in my last post.

Some of you well, one of you have asked me why I have not been posting as much lately. The main reason is as I have mentioned before my gigantic yard. Plus...

we moved these four from our house to Las Vegas. Nick here will be attending D.O. school in Henderson. If you didn't catch four people in this picture then......

there you go. This gives you a better shot. I have officially named our new baby granddaughter Hash Brown. Honestly it is all her mother eats!

We also had been spending much time at our hang out Raging Waters. I want you to know that I took two million darling pics of all my grand kids totally raging and the camera was on video so none of them turned out. Well a couple turned out after I figured out the problem.

The problem was PAPA! He went to Mexico and for some reason had had the camera on video and I did not notice. ( insert a swear word of your choice, referring again to my last post) You know what? Swearing does not get you kicked out of Relief Society. So I'm going to stop. Instead you get asked to step in for the R.S. Pres. while she lounges around with the Shingles. What a slacker. I'm going to start smoking. Anyway that's another story.

Here is cute little Henry and Izzy.

After Papa came home from Mexico the kids (for some unknown reason) were so excited to see him. They couldn't get enough of him for a while.......

Yep, time to stop. Look at their faces.

I had to throw this one of William in here. He came and got in bed with me one morning and fell right back to sleep. Papa was still in Mexico so there was plenty of room. If you don't remember Will lives in San Francisco (yes our house was very full of people) so he can get in bed with me any time. Even if he lived here. He is so cuddly and sweet.

This is actually a picture before all the wrestling began. Papa looks like he just got off a plane from Mexico. Do you think I have said Mexico enough times during this post?


some actual pics from Mexico. Papa and two friends went down there to teach some coaches and young men how to play American football. They had a most wonderful time and the people down there could not have been nicer to them.

They also went sight seeing.

Papa's friend is an archaeologist. In fact he stayed behind for a dig. This picture is interesting because it represents an Elephant trunk.

The three Amigo's. If they go again next year you can bet Nana will have a reservation! I also must say I was sure happy too when Papa came home.


Anonymous said...

Wow! BEAUTIFUL pictures! and a very happy, funny, cute post!

Garden of Egan said...

Too bad about the swearing thing. I think we'd hear a lot more profanity in church.

So, if Papa was in Mexico, what was all the hulabaloo about being left alone?
I secretely think you might have missed him.

Cute kiddos by the way. I LOVE snuggly sleeping kids...until I get the kick to the kidney in the middle of the night.

Kristina P. said...

He looks like he had a great trip.

And anytime you can use "In my pants", is awesome.

Connie said...

I gasped when I saw the cougar by your apricot tree! I'm so gullible!
You have been busy! It's good to enjoy your time with the kids, grand or otherwise!
The 3 amigos just might be "The Quatro Amigos" next year, eh? I agree. You should be able to go too!

Mimi Sue said...

Hey, smoking just might work. Anyway I must've been naughty because they've put me in Primary. Teaching 4 year olds. Huh? Looks like Papa had a fun time in Mexico. Mimi

cindy-todoslosninos.blogspot.com said...

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Oh, I wrote down the two receipts on your blogg, the vegtables and the toco soup. They sound great.

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big hugs

Small House said...

LAUGH..LAUGH...the cougar story was great. Glad the deer have headed to the hills.

Looks like you're having a great summer. Lot's of fun!!

If smoking works....let me know.

Messy Jess said...

I've always wondered if you were LDS. Now I know! I loved the only got 2 hands - I had time to read your blog today and it made me feel so great to see life through your eyes.