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August 11, 2010

My Shoes Did What?

I love shoes!
Pretty , pretty shoes.
These are my newest shoes, put them with a pencil skirt and gorgeous. Well, I wore my gorgeous shoes to church on Sunday a week and a half ago. Not the first time I have worn them. The third time actually.
I noticed a not so comfortable feeling while dancing down the hallways, it wasn't bad.

Until I got home and took them off.  Let's just say when I put my foot flat on the floor...YIKES, it was excruciating!
I told Papa that something was very wrong with my foot. I thought that maybe the screw in my foot from my bunion surgery had moved, broken, bent.. whatever. (Shhhhhh I don't want to hear you telling me I have no business wearing shoes like this after bunion surgery. SHHHHHHH I TELL YOU!!!)
Have you shut up?

I will go on then.

Monday morning I called my Podiatrist and they could not get me in until today. So I have been wearing flats of course for all this time because well, my foot hurt.

I had X-rays. I could see the screw. It's fine by the way.
The Dr. also could see my broken toe. Yes. My second toe is fractured.
Fractured from wearing my shoes. The Dr. said he sees this all the time.
According to him when wearing high heels your foot is in a jacked up position to start with....then with all that weight on your toes, all you have to do is turn your foot funny and SNAP!

No I don't have Osteoporosis.

This is my sexy new boot.
Notice my virgin Bloody Mary. Papa loves me. He knows how to make me happy. Virgin Bloody Mary and a See's run. Mmmmm Hmmmm.


blueviolet said...

You poor thing! That is one big boot full of ouch!

Kristina P. said...

Holy cow! I had no idea! They are cute, though.

Cherie said...

OUch! I have never heard of toes breaking from wearing heals - too bad because those shoes are super cute!
Enjoy the Bloody Mary and he a dark Bordeaux for me - they're my fave!

Lorilee said...

OUCH! Those shoes are adorable, but I don't wear anything higher than 3 inch and that is seldom!! I go for comfort FIRST and looks second!

Valerie said...

Well, those shoes are super cute! Too bad they broke your toe...little devils. I've never heard you could break a toe wearing heels. I guess now we know.

TMI Tara said...

Virgin, my eye! The V-ship sailed a long time ago, you boozer! You're not fooling anyone!

Gangwer said...

HA HA HA!!! Tara's right we really know whats in there.

Mimi Sue said...

Well if it is V you deserve it. I think it's OK for medicinal purposes. Right? That and See's fixes anything. Be sure to milk this for all it's worth. Mimi

Nana said...

Hey, my kids are Liars, liars I tell ya!! (Hic up ) Excuse me I' m drunk. I WISH!! What little turds.

Nonna Beach said...

Oh, NO...from sassy, cute shoes to what I call a 'Frankenstein Shoe' ??? You poor little thing...I'm sure your foot DR. was thinkin' when he gave you that big honkin' thing "That'll teach her"... NOT !!!

Hope your toe is well soon so you can walk in those pretty shoes again.

Deanna said...

Are you crazy!?! Shoes like that after you've already had bunion surgery! Ok. I'll hush.

I've had bunion surgery and a joint replaced in my big toe. You wouldn't catch me dead in shoes like that - sexy or not. But I do love them and would so love to wear them. Sigh.

I'm so sorry that happened! What a pain. I always heard they couldn't do anything for broken toes - and look at you... Bummer!

Are you going to wear those shoes again? Curious minds want to know...

Connie said...

I always thought I'd break a heel (of the shoe) if I wore shoes like those! But you proved me wrong!

I don't know, I'd probably want the non-virgin Bloody Mary with pain like that! Take care!

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

What a cute Nana you are! I just popped ove from Mona's to say HI and saw your darling photo! I am dying for some grandbabies...you could loan me one or two of yours...right;)!

I am so sorry about your toe! The price we pay for wearing cute shoes;)! I am wearing mine no matter what...broken toes...no matter what;)!

Your blog is wonderful...I look forward to many more visits!


Barbaloot said...

A See's run can definitely fix about anything.

If you need to get rid of those shoes...I'm available:) But actually, I have a 3 hour time limit on heels. I'll wear them at church (I usually take them off during Sunday School...shhh) and then they're off as soon as I walk in the door.

Creative Chaos in Arizona said...

Awww Nana... I can see why you wanted to wear the shoes... but PLEASE take care of yourself!



wendy said...

Well, the virgin bloody Mary and See's made the broken toe totally worth it in my book.
I have a bunion too......resisting surgery.
MISS wearing sexy shoes. I am sick of trying to find bunion friendly shoes.

Together We Save said...

Oh my goodness that sounds so painful. Sorry for the broken toe, I knew I wore flats for a reason.

megadog said...

They are such cute shoes but I think I'll have to stick with flats from now on! No time for broken toes in my life! Love your big sexy boot though!