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November 12, 2010

Trying To Get It Together......I Don't Know If It's Working

Some of you know I recently have had a new addition to my family. My sweet little granddaughter Madison. I went and stayed with my daughter and her family for 3 weeks. It was great to love on these two little ones. (These are recent pics of her and her big brother. I didn't want you to think she was a 12 pounder. They came to visit me last weekend.)

Here she is with cousin Izzy.

Well,  when I left to go to my daughters I knew my kitty cat Goldie was sick. A couple of months ago the vet put her on antibiotics and told me I could refill them when ever I needed to. She (the cat) had some really bad teeth and the vet didn't want to put her under anesthesia to take them out because Goldie (the cat) was 16 yrs. old and well she probably couldn't take the anesthesia. He said it would be like "Her teeth are fine but, she died during the surgery."

When I left I had given Papa instructions to give Goldie her antibiotics until they were gone and to give our dog her antibiotics until they were gone. The dog had just had a tumor removed from her neck. (I know pathetic) Anyway Papa fulfilled his duty. Although when I returned home my mom (you remember the crazy lady from next door) informed me that Papa had not finished giving Goldie her medicine so she took it upon herself to finish what Papa had started but, in his laziness did not complete.  I thought that's weird because Papa promised me he had given Goldie ALL of her medicine. Mom then went to her fridge and retrieved the bottle of left over antibiotic. She informed me that Goldie had been given her morning dose but I needed to give her that evenings dosage. I took the bottle from mom looked at it and ......
it was MY prescription for .... here it comes..... Candida. Yes, Candida drops that I , me, Nana, take daily! I didn't take them w/ me on my trip because the bottle is glass, it has to stay refrigerated. It was too big of a hassle for the plane ride.
I INFORMED mother of her mistake, then promptly asked her if the dropper had been inserted in my cat's mouth at any time. She assured me it had not she had just been putting a drop full on the cat's food twice a day. 

Well, even with antibiotics, candida drops,voodoo and what ever else my mom had thought up my cat was still very very ill.
I took her to the vet as soon as I could. He told me he had good news and bad news.  The cat DID NOT have a yeast infection however, she did have bone cancer. (he really didn't say that about the yeast infection)
I had to put her down.
I don't know if I will get another kitty.
Maybe in the Spring I will feel different but, I don't think so.


Garden of Egan said...

Aww Nana! That is so heartbreaking. I love my cats and I think I have turned into the crazy cat lady.

I have missed you.
Beautiful little granddaughter! Such a sweet little face. Looks like a proud big brother too.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Grand Pooba said...

Oh no! That is so sad! I'm so sorry, I just HATE losing pets, it's just awful!

(Am I dumb because I don't know what candida drops are?)

Nonna Beach said...

What a gorgeous little granddaughter. I have missed you...3 weeks helping ? Wow, you're a real trooper !!!

I am so very sorry about your kitty. We lost our 2 kitties in February just a week apart. They were both 13 and I still am missing them so much but I don't think I can say goodbye again...too painful !

The Pachuilo Family said...

I am so sorry that you had to put your cat down. If you want we have a cat you can have. He is partly blind though, but is mostly an outside cat. I would be more than happy to send him your way, just let me know!
The kids love him and all, but I am just done with him.

Suzann said...

Love those sweet baby faces!!
I am sorry to hear about your cat, they are like part of the family.

Lisa Loo said...


I am so sorry. Our dog passed away this year too.

Too cute kids though! That baby is super yummy.

Hard to write a proper comment that covers this spectrum of emotions--hope I am not offensive---i have missed you---

Connie said...

So THAT's where you've been!
So sorry about the cat and your medicine! It's pretty good when you can turn something as sad as losing a 16 year old member of your family into something laughable!
At least you can't blame your husband for that!
That little grandbaby is adorable!

Mimi Sue said...

Cute, cute baby! Lucky you. So sorry about your kitty. We had to have our little dog Rudy put down on Monday. Kind of hard to do. Mimi

Julie Harward said...

A beautiful grand...and that is such a sweet time to go and stay with them. Sorry about the kitty..that is a hard one for sure. Hug to you! :D

Sandra said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. You have one cute little grandbaby! We just had a new grandson join our family. Sorry too hear about your poor kitty );

TMI Tara said...

I just feel AWFUL. For two reasons.

1. I loved Goldie and am sad she is gone. Truly.

2. That I didn't know about this and have not given you a hug because of it. I'm behind. I'm sorry.

Hoping Goldie has found herself happy and cancer-free in kitty heaven........

Bonnie the Boss said...

Aww, I am so sad for you. Loosing a beloved pet is so hard. Although at least she didn't have a yeast infection.