When humor goes, there goes civilization. ~Erma Bombeck

May 21, 2010

California Dreaming .... Again

Tara, Chloe and me decided we needed a little vacation so, we went to visit these folks in San Francisco. Although all the children were full of some sort of pestilence and disease during our trip we still managed to have a really good time.
Chloe had had some sort of gombu right before we left. Henry the little guy standing in front of mom there had a stomach/intestinal bug flourishing within most the time we were there. (P.J. the taller one has it now. Thank goodness we are gone!) Anyway Henry would say "Nana, I have to poo." I would say (because it was obvious) "Henry did you poo in your pants?" His reply was
"We'll see when we get in there." I thought that was a pretty good answer for a four year old. He'll make a good politician some day.
This is what happens when Nana has jet lag. I know I am pathetic but, in my defense Tara was twice as bad. We had a slight skirmish with Southwest airline about Chloe's Special Tomato car seat that they said we could take on board for her to sit in. They insisted Tara buy Chloe a seat. Tara explained Chloe can't sit up but, alas she still had to purchase a seat and blah blah blah. Well the only seat that will keep Chloe strapped in a sitting position is her Special Tomato. We were immediately told the Special Tomato was NOT F.A.A. approved and needed to be checked. (Tara had already gone over this with at least five million people at Southwest to get permission and make sure everything would be o.k. and again blah blah blah.
Finally when the attendants realized Chloe had special needs they relented and left us alone. I might also add Chloe spent most of her time in her mothers lap anyway. She also thought taking off and landing was hysterical.
We were pooped when we got to Taylor's house. Chloe is getting so tall I think she is around 5' 6" now. (not really) but sometimes when you are carrying her that is what it feels like. Then we had the Special Tomato (Yes, that is the name of the chair) and the stroller and all our crap and well, we are delicate. Hence, the nap.

The next day we went to the Walt Disney Museum. I highly recommend it. These are the only pictures we were allowed to take in there. Tara tried to take others but was arrested.

This is the view from one of the windows at the museum. Gorgeous!!!

Chloe wanted to help cart Will around but, he wasn't having it. Look at her death grip.

The next day we went to the Oakland Zoo. Mr. I will neither confirm nor deny I have pooped my pants was our tour guide. He, and his older brother who knows virtually everything so we were in for an interesting time.

Henry was disappointed that the Turtle's were not wrestling like the last time he was there. Hmmm.

Also, for being our tour guide he spent most of his time lagging way behind which made it difficult for us to know where to go. We appointed William and mom as our new guides.

He's still back there goofing off.

P.J. found this cool little slide.

These are rare frogs from the Amazon. I cropped their mother out of the picture because she would have been really mad at me if I had left her in it. (Just being honest. She was also a frog but, her breed had giant Cankles. Well, it looked like she had cankles, which is funny because honestly Taylor has some of the skinniest ankles you will ever find. Anyway she would have blamed the mother for leaving her in the pic and I just couldn't take it.)

Near the Lion's in a Bamboo jungle.

Reading our books we bought the day before at the Walt Disney Museum.

Cartoons in the A.M. Funny, I know I look sick in this picture but I am not. Although I am in a petri dish bed full of stuff including Roseola......

from this one.

The next morning we decided to go to the beach. It was freezing!!!!!!!!!! And, of course after 4 days of being the nagging grandma telling everyone they needed jackets I forgot mine on this freezing day at the beach. I sat wrapped up in a towel.

William loves the beach.

The ocean waves looked so massive that day. I wish I could have captured that a little bit better.

See, look how long Chloe is. Tara is 5'10" and look how long that little girl is. I am 5'4". We should have gotten a picture of me carrying Chloe up the beach wrapped in my towel.

Chloe's cute little feet in the sand. Well that's all folks. I know most of you gave up on my family photo vacation story long ago but, that is our trip in a nutshell. Have a great day.