When humor goes, there goes civilization. ~Erma Bombeck

February 24, 2011


She likes tortilla chips.
Long walks in the mud.
Chewing shoes, furniture, electrical cords, socks. Anything but her toys.
Eating deer poop.
Eating leaves.
Eating Two Dot's food.
Loves pooping on the carpet for company.
The rug she is laying on in the picture is in the washing machine..... again.
Standing in the dog water dish is a treat.
Running through the house with wet feet is a bigger treat.

"Here Fiona, come to mommy."

Just kidding, I would only use the hammer.
I am just having a bad puppy day.
Pooba come on over.

February 23, 2011

Izzy, Chloe, and, Fiona

Chloe and Izzy are bff's. Born only four months apart they have been great pals from the get go. The thing that warms my heart when they get together is the patience, love and compassion Izzy shows towards her cousin. In return she receives huge smiles, giggles and pure joy from Chloe.

Izzy is the protective leader. She pushes Chloe to try new things. These pictures are just one example.
To say Chloe dislikes animals is an understatement!!!!! Something about them strikes a fear in her that she just cannot overcome.....YET.

With Izzy's example and daddy's coaxing we got her to pet Fiona.
Fiona is asleep but, hey we will take what we can get.

 This moment in time is a little miracle.

I love this picture. Look at her taking her little hand and touching Fiona's paw.

Awww. Izzy is telling her she can do it.

Izzy is already completely in love with Fiona. Izzy and her mommy and daddy and brother took care of Fiona and Two Dot while Papa and I went to San Francisco.

Fiona didn't want me to go. Ha ha I found her like this while I was getting ready. I did go though, and I was a little worried about how it would effect Fiona but, she did great. Thanks to Jamie and Aisha. ( and Izzy and Tonio) I think having Two Dot with her helped also. Our trip was so much fun. More grand kids to see and  more on that later.

February 8, 2011

Fiona Continued.............

I promise I won't keep boring you all with pictures of my dogs.
My kids from out of state want to see what I have gotten myself into.

She is a Great Dane Mastiff mix. A "Daniff."
My vet is very amused.

 She loves to chew and chew and poo and chew and pee and chew.

 Personally I thought Two Dot would be a good sibling or a mom figure. I am disappointed in her. REALLY!
She is the sweetest dog but, she doesn't really think Fiona is anything to write home about. For some reason as shown in yesterday's post Two Dot has a thing with the raw hide bones. Watch this sequence...

Look at that dinky bone. Two Dot has a giant one hidden under her bed. She is not about to let Fiona know the joy of raw hide.

  I don't interfere too much because these two will work it out on their own but, I was tempted to call Two Dot the" B" word. I mean she is a girl dog.

 Litte Fiona just went and grabbed her ball. She wants to be Two Dot's friend in the worst way.

Then when I saw this this afternoon I thought maybe there is hope. Except when Fiona tried to cuddle, she was blown right off the bed with a huge growl and bark. Hmpf. If you look at the picture you can see Two Dot's eyes are open. She is laying there like "Oh crap, what is happening to my life."

I knew what I was getting myself into when I brought Fiona home. This is not my first rodeo in the dog arena so to speak.  In other words I am outside trying to get Fiona to pee, or inside cleaning up pee. Training and guidance will be at the forefront. I will let you know how it goes.  Like Lisa Loo said I just didn't have enough going on so I had to throw a puppy in the mix. LOL

February 7, 2011

Princess Fiona

This is our newest addition to the family. Her name is Fiona.

Like any other baby she likes to eat, sleep, cry, poop and chew on your jeans.

To stop said chewing I went and bought a whole bunch of chew toys. Two Dot was being stingy with the raw hide bones however.

Here she is stretching a little. The pics don't do her justice, she is adorable. I will try and get some action shots. (they are usually a blur)
Anyone care to give a guess as to what her breed is?
I was looking for a Mastador (Lab Mastiff mix, that is your only hint)
BUT..... I found her instead. When I went to take a look at her she ran to me like it was our destiny. Let's see what you come up with.

February 1, 2011

Viva Las Vegas

It's true, what happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas. Unfortunately!
These are my favorite attractions.

Little Madison

 Big boy Zeke. He loves Papa's cowboy boots.

 Of course we had to make sugar cookies.

 Zeke was in heaven.
 Nana was in heaven.
 No pictures please.
 More cookie fun.

We decided to go to the strip. Madi was excited.

 Madi watching us make cookies.
Zeke  was not so impressed with the ride to the strip.

Papa and Zeke watching Cars.

More snuggling.

Madi still watching the cookie making. She actually looks interested.

The weather was fantastic!!!!
Seeing the kids was fantastic!!!!!
Coming home to 15 degree's outside, not so fantastic.