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February 7, 2011

Princess Fiona

This is our newest addition to the family. Her name is Fiona.

Like any other baby she likes to eat, sleep, cry, poop and chew on your jeans.

To stop said chewing I went and bought a whole bunch of chew toys. Two Dot was being stingy with the raw hide bones however.

Here she is stretching a little. The pics don't do her justice, she is adorable. I will try and get some action shots. (they are usually a blur)
Anyone care to give a guess as to what her breed is?
I was looking for a Mastador (Lab Mastiff mix, that is your only hint)
BUT..... I found her instead. When I went to take a look at her she ran to me like it was our destiny. Let's see what you come up with.


Rebekah said...

she's gorgeous!!!! is she a dane mix?

Bonnie the Boss said...

What a great scottish name. She is so cute. I know nothing about dogs so I won't even hazzard a guess.

Julie Harward said...

Some kind of a boxer/lab mix? Very cute..I love puppies too :D

Garden of Egan said...

Kinda looks boxerish......but mama might have been a hussy...who knows?

His nose is absolutley adorable and wrinkly!!!!

Uh, those paws look sorta big.

He's too cute. I love his name!

Lisa Loo said...

I have no idea so I will just guess our dog mix--Bull Mastiff. I never saw our dog as a puppy so I am truly just guessing.

I can't can't believe you had nothing else to do so you added a puppy to the mix!

megadog said...

So darn cute. I have no idea what breed but I'm loving that little bundle.