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April 4, 2011

I'm Back

Well, I finally got my computer fixed.

We have a wonderful friend who flies by when he can and helps us out.
Thank you Mike, err I mean Super Man.
I made a deal with my DIL Tara that I would post tons of pictures of our family.
Then at the end of the year she makes us a FAB CD of our families events.

I know this will bore some of you to death so feel free to just ignore.
I will be playing catch up for a couple of days.

Papa and Madison.

Fiona after she got her tail docked.

Zeke and Izzy at Zeke's B Day party.

Madison is crying becuase she knows she is going to get a big fat kiss.

Mr. hot air blowing out his candle.

Then licking the frosting off of the cake.

St Patrick Day beauties.

Chloe has a crush on Anthony.

This is not a real depiction of Fiona by any means.


Madison and Chloe

T.V. buds.

Just hanging out.

Izzy made this hat at the art museum.

I wish big butt's were always considered cute.

Zeke is quite the little man.

So cute.

My new bike.

More T.V. watching, napping.

Fiona grows every single day.

The gruesome twosome. They love each other now.



Cynthia said...

That is one adorable grandkid herd! Miss Chloe has grown so much- she looks so much older since I last saw a picture.

And Nana- that Papa is quite the stud muffin if you don't mind my noticing! Go Nana!

Julie Harward said...

Don't ever hold back on posts like this..they are the very best and those who don't like anything but dishes can go jump in the lake! LOL Poor Fiona and that Izzy has got such an awesome smile! Loved it all, family is what it's all about!...glad you are back! ;D

Rebekah said...

welcome back!! loved all the pictures!

Alejendro said...

Welcome back.. lots of pictures..

Connie said...

Yay! You're back! And you brought pictures! Love 'em all! I like Zeke's shades.

Garden of Egan said...

Snow on your flowers?! Fiona's headpiece?
You've had quite a time of it!

Cute pictures of the grandkids! They look like they all keep you entertained.

I think big bug butts are cute until 55. Then you gotta do something about them.

Deanna said...

Welcome back. Aren't super friends wonderful! Family photos are never boring. Yours are precious.

Barbaloot said...

Hooray for catch-up and a working computer!!

Lisa Loo said...

I know some people don't like them but personally, I LOVE family photos!

Your bunch is so fun looking. Ummm..Fiona may not be an Angel but DANG she is a cutie!! And that museum hat and the smile underneath is TO DIE FOR.

HAPPY, HAPPY that Superman stopped by, its good to see you again in blogville!

Valerie said...

Yay! So glad you're back.
I always enjoy the pictures of grandkids...and puppies!

The Pachuilo Family said...

Love all the pictures! These kids are all getting big fast. I hope to see you in a week while I am in Utah for a quick trip.