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June 3, 2011

Catch Up

Well, once again I have fallen behind. I thought I would do a quick catch up.
Easter was the funnest ever.
We were all together.
We had a sleep over where hilarity in sued.
There was dancing.
Egg dying.
Card making.
Game playing.
Easter egg hunting and of course we went to church.
Here are niece and nephews, grand kids and my daughter Megan.
We have them line up oldest to youngest every year. Chloe should be in between Izzy (with the pink basket) and Zeke.

I have so many hilarious pictures of us dancing. Most of them are of me looking like a fool so therefore they are not posted.

The bunny hop.

Card making.

The sleep out. This is where we put the children while we partied.
All you have to do is zip up the tent and then safety pin the zipper shut for extra security.
You know I actually had some girls do that at girls camp one year.
One of them got sick in the night, could not get out of the tent and, puked all over.
You don't know this but, I have been away from the computer for oh, forty five minutes.
Cleaning up dog shit.
Yes, I said shit.
I know the correct word, FECES.
I know I could even say
doo doo.
I am too mad.
Fiona is killing me.
Now you know why I have not been blogging.
Mmmmm, now my house has a soapy, poopy potpourri smell.
Getting back to Easter....

More dancing during our sleepover.

Cute Chloe at the Easter egg hunt. She couldn't find any.....

I wonder why.

Will and Chloe hugging it out.

We celebrated Henrie's birthday. Papa bought him a sleeping bag.......

However, Izzy took it home with her. Look at that face.
Henry didn't seem to care for the bright pink color and all the flowers.
Papa took Henry to the store the next day and got a more boyish one.
Sometimes I just don't get Papa. He said he didn't notice it was a girls bag.
The box says. "Flowerkid" right on it with a display of the bright pink bag.

Papa loves to wrestle. Who wouldn't?

We celebrated Chloe's birthday. Papa kisses her hand.
He says "May I kiss your hand mademoiselle?"
She lifts her left hand. (because it is her more prevalent side to use.)
Papa, makes her work though and refuses to kiss her left hand.
He makes her try to lift her right hand. Which is very hard for her. (it's hard for her to lift her left hand)
She can barely move her right hand, but she does for her Papa.
That little girl inspires me every day. You can't feel too sorry for yourself when someone like her is in your life, and you see them fight for every little movement they make.

We went to San Diego. This was the view from our room.

I just had to throw this picture of Chloe in here because it makes me laugh.

Most of us went to Vegas. (Taylor's kids were home barfing so they couldn't make the trip.) We went to Hoover Dam.
I love this picture because Tonio is laying his head so cute against Papa, and Chloe is actually sitting on Izzy's shoulders.
All of us loved the Dam.
Tonio loved saying things like....
"Look at all these damn people here."
There is so much damn traffic."
"This bridge is damn high."
He had a million of em.
Really a million.
I was damn sick of hearing his lame jokes. (Not really)

Here's Chloe at the pool with some fat lady.

Papa with Izzy and Zeke. Zeke has the greatest faces.

Look at this darling baby.
Madison is just the cutest little thing. She already has a tan.

Chloe loved the water too. The pool was great with it's shallow beach like entrance.

The kids decided to have a dance contest after we went to Hoover Dam.
They were really busting out the moves.

This is at Chloe's birthday party.
Tara had a cute little photo booth set up.
It was a great idea.
Well, that's all folks.
Hope you are all having a great Summer!!!!!!!!!!!!


blueviolet said...

You are not a fat lady. You're adorable! You have been busy and having so much fun with family! (Except for the dog crap. Ugh.)

Barbaloot said...

What a fun time---great pictures. The one of Madison, oh my gosh! She looks like she's FUN to hold!!

Valerie said...

Your blog posts always make me smile! (And laugh!)
Sorry about the dog poop though...

The Pachuilo Family said...

You just made my day when I read your post. I could not stop laughing. We sure do miss the family and all the fun times. Chris told me though that I get to plan a trip to Utah this summer. And we would love to see you!

Garden of Egan said...

Oh my heck!!!!!
I love that chubby little baby in the pool!!!!!!!!! I want her.
Pretty please.

Such great pictures. Looks like you had a damn good time.

Photo booth idea is darling. You are an awesome grandma and you made some very very cute grandkids!

wendy said...

I love that you said shit. Made me giggle out loud. Maybe you can market dog shit popourri (or however you spell it)...there is probably a market for it somewhere.
Chloe looks like a little diva with her sunglasses and flower in her hair. Love it.
and, just so ya know...I.DID.NOT. SEE. any fat lady in the pool.

Connie said...

You guys know how to party!! Love all the pictures. I'm surprised you didn't take a picture of the dog sh..
(I told my kids they could only say potty words 3 times a day then they were done. Since shit was used more than 3 times on the post, I can't type it out) :)

Lisa Loo said...

I know you have been busy doing much more important things but OH HOW I MISS YOU!!!

Nobody says,"Mmmmm, now my house has a soapy, poopy potpourri smell."--quite like you babe.

What fun grandparents you are--hope its not forever till we hear form you again!

Mandy said...

So glad you are back!! I love reading your posts!! They bring a smile to my day! Easter looks like it was a blast and all that warm weather looks like heaven!! Love the photo booth picture!!