When humor goes, there goes civilization. ~Erma Bombeck

October 23, 2011

Halloween Party 2011

The pictures in the post below actually were taken before these.
So what I am saying is they are not in order. It doesn't matter. I posted these for family.
I don't have any of the spook alley yet. Aisha was taking those pictures for us.


She is so proud of herself.

Weston trying to look disinterested.

The girls.

Max and his creation.

Oby and Chloe

Christopher's cupcakes

Chloe liked this more than she is letting on.

More cupcakes.

Take a big bite. We missed mommy (Tara) was sick:(

This is one of the goblins for the spook alley.

This scarecrow needs more than a brain.

Izzy decided to go over to the ghoulish side of things by the end of the night.

The front porch with the pumkins.

Our friend is always riding his bike.

Spook Alley pics to come.

Halloween Party Cont.

Papa and me.

My feet were killing me. (people thought those were my real feet)

Little cuties.

He's single girls, or should I say guys?

My cute neice Ashley.

Sissy and Missy, hmmmm.

My son Jamie and his family, Aisha, Tonio and Izzy.

Sweet little kitty cat Chloe, Meow.

He is still single.

Tonio and Calvin. (they actually make pretty cute girls, lol)

My nephew Max

My son Oby.

My brother Chad, his wife Holly, Weston, Calvin and, Max.

My mom (notice the witch has three nostrils)

My dad, Phil.


Ashley and Christopher.

I love how Sissy is holding her tongue as she carves.


Oby, making a little kitty pumpking for Chloe.


Pretty princess Isabella.

October 10, 2011

For Tara

Tara makes us a family video at the end of every year so I need to post a WHOLE bunch of pics.