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October 23, 2011

Halloween Party 2011

The pictures in the post below actually were taken before these.
So what I am saying is they are not in order. It doesn't matter. I posted these for family.
I don't have any of the spook alley yet. Aisha was taking those pictures for us.


She is so proud of herself.

Weston trying to look disinterested.

The girls.

Max and his creation.

Oby and Chloe

Christopher's cupcakes

Chloe liked this more than she is letting on.

More cupcakes.

Take a big bite. We missed mommy (Tara) was sick:(

This is one of the goblins for the spook alley.

This scarecrow needs more than a brain.

Izzy decided to go over to the ghoulish side of things by the end of the night.

The front porch with the pumkins.

Our friend is always riding his bike.

Spook Alley pics to come.


rkbsnana said...

I love Nanas. Spooky costumes there, girl.

Connie said...

So Princess Isabelle turned in to a ghoul by night's end! Sounds like the making of a good story!

The pumpkins and cupcakes look like a hit! Lots of creativity!

Garden of Egan said...

"needs more than a brain" hahahaha

Looks like a lot of fun! Some seriously scary looking creatures.

wendy said...

all these halloween photos have been so fun (I had to go to the last post and catch up on those as well)
single guy....laughing my head off

looks like your family KNOWS how to have fun.
the kids decorating their cupcakes made me giggle, cause I can just imagine Mine, facial expressions etc, being almost identical.
so funny

KelleyAnne said...

Your house likes the place to go for Halloween! I'm in love with that little white cat pumpkin!

Mimi Sue said...

Looks like lots of fun Nana! Especially love the pic of you and papa. It could be your Christmas card picture! Have a great Halloween. Mimi