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September 18, 2011

Goodbye, Good Friend

To Nana From Tara. xo

Two Dot Continued.....

She loved being wrapped in a towel after her bath.
What a diva.

As you know Two Dot has passed. Yes, I am having a rough time.
I wanted to tell you the rest of the story about what happened with her because as a dog owner I think we must be responsible and make some very tough decisions when we need to.

Monday morning I had a man here setting some tile. Two Dot bit him.
I don't know what went on in her head.
I know it was not provoked.
I know it was very scary, for all concerned.
(even Two Dot, she sat and shook afterwards, of course that could have been because she saw my reaction to the whole thing)

This man had to go to the hospital and be stitched up. He is fine and feels terrible about the whole mess.
He is a dog lover too.

I was a wreck after this happened and frankly went in my room and prayed. Prayed that this man would be o.k., prayed that I could calm down. Prayed for answers as what I should do with Two Dot.
I got an immediate answer as what I should do with the dog.
I didn't like this particular answer.
I rationalized.
I could keep her in her kennel when people came over.
I wouldn't even let her outside w/o a leash.
It was a one time thing. There had been someone in our yard the night before and it really upset Two Dot, she was just still on high alert.
I walked out of the house to turn on the water for the garden when the bite happened and it made her nervous so she bit him, she was guarding our house.
Anyway, none of this sat right with me, so I prayed again.
Still didn't like the answer.
I asked Papa to pray.
Didn't like his answer. Neither did Papa.
When God tells you something though you better do it.
I couldn't say thank you God for listening and answering me but you know, I didn't like what you had to say so I am going to do things my way.
Animal control was involved in this whole situation also. When someone has to go to the hospital because of a dog bite they are forced to file a complaint. It's a good thing.
Normally the dog owner must have the dog quarantined for 10 days. However, since I was voluntarily putting her to sleep, and had all of her shot verifications they came and got her, put her to sleep and then took the blood sample from her that they needed to prove she did not make a rabies transfer.
 ( is that the longest sentence ever?)
Animal control was very kind to me. They actually expedited this for me because I told them that knowing I was going to euthanize her and them not releasing her for the euthanizing was agony.
It is law that you cannot put down your animal if they have bitten someone in the last 15 days.
Animal control has to release the animal in order to do so.
This was an awful thing.
It has been an awful week.
We miss her terribly.

September 14, 2011

Two Dot

Two Dot loved her beds. We have three of them and well, she loved them all.

Bear Lake this past Summer. Other than home this was her favorite place.

Our morning walks did her in for the rest of the day. lol

Nine years ago I decided I needed another dog, a canine companion to walk the hills with. A dog that would guard my home and watch over our family.
I researched Alapaha Blue Blood Bull dogs and decided this was the breed for me.
I found two funny little ladies in Ohio. These two bred Alapaha's. They were extremely diligent in keeping the breed clean, loved the breed to the point of strange eccentricity. At times I totally appreciated this weirdness in these funny ladies. When they told me Two Dot's lineage went back to the Mayflower I totally appreciated their eccentricity. (Yes, they could back up their info.)
When they wouldn't allow Two Dot on a plane to my home, I DID NOT appreciate their strange ways.
They felt she would not be safe on a plane and would not allow me to buy her from them if that was my mode of transport go get her from them to me.
I had to hire a dog Taxi. (Yes, there is such a thing.)
Two Dot and her sister Annie were transported from Ohio to Utah via dog taxi. I have to add that my two breeder friends thought it very amusing that Two Dot would now be a Mormon.
Annie went to live with my brother. Two Dot stayed with us.
They came in January. Papa did not like the timing element here because I was supposed to go with him to Las Vegas on business. (monkey business) Anyway...
I stayed home with the puppy and Papa resented her for years. ha ha ha That cracks me up. He actually said that to me once.
Two Dot was easy to train, except she had an urge to take off once in a while. Especially when it snowed. She loved to run and run and run in the snow. This made me furious, you know when she would take off, wandering the streets. She always would meander home when she had sniffed out the neighborhood and needed a nap.
The neighbors did not like her little jaunts and I can't say that I blame them, she looked like a tank. As the years went by she finally learned she better listen to me. It actually took a shock collar but, whatever works is my motto.
She loved to try and get my cat Goldie who died almost a year ago. Goldie would swipe her across the nose with her claws every time. Needless to say Two Dot always had a big swipe across her snout.
Two Dot did not like strangers but, if I would allow someone in my home and tell her to go lay on her bed and be quiet, that's what she would do.
Sometimes there would be a low growl going on for a minute or two then she would calm down.
The grand kids could pull her, sit on her, ride her.....etc. She loved them.
She loved to give big hugs and lots of wet (yucky) kisses. When my dad could still get out of the house she thoroughly enjoyed visiting with him.
I trusted her with my life.
Two Dot died this afternoon
I miss her terribly!!!!!
I will post the rest of the story later...
for now Good bye dear friend.