When humor goes, there goes civilization. ~Erma Bombeck

February 26, 2012

Hello, Hello

I  have decided I have been away from the blog world long enough.
As I mentioned before I have been taking some classes and have been busy,  just like the rest of you.
Except when I am busy I tend to go into overload, get very dramatic and can only do one maybe two things at a time.
I am going to try harder and add a third thing (blogging) to my activities.
I have been learning the art of  Foot Zonology. Which I must say is changing my life.
Many of you know I suffer from migraines. (the reason I decided to get zoned in the first place, I was in San Francisco, so what else do you do there but find some hippy dippy thing to do) I jest I DO NOT think foot zonology is hippy or dippy or I would not be doing it. I do however realize it is something different.
It also is helping me very much!!!!!!!!!!!
I am still in the middle of my classes so I probably won't be a great blogging commenter but, I wanted you to all know I am still alive. I know at least one of you may have been wondering. (hey I know I am reaching there, but whatever)
I have lot's of new recipe's I need to post.
Plus I may discuss foot zoning or zone balance now and again.

There is not a cell in your body that doesn't have a signal on your foot. Some of you may be familiar with this mode of thinking. Some not so much.
Any way I could not find a decent picture of the feet in regards to what I have been learning.
The one below is o.k.
At least it gives you an idea as to what I am talking about.
Also, this will come as a shock to some of you.
I no longer drink Pepsi.
I know that was my drug, er um drink of choice for many, many, many, years and to be honest I have fallen off the wagon twice. I have realized though there is this drink called "water" that is very refreshing. Who knew?
I also do not take a lot of the med's I used to.
I still need my Imitrex but, I take less than half of what I used to.
Pretty amazing.