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February 26, 2012

Hello, Hello

I  have decided I have been away from the blog world long enough.
As I mentioned before I have been taking some classes and have been busy,  just like the rest of you.
Except when I am busy I tend to go into overload, get very dramatic and can only do one maybe two things at a time.
I am going to try harder and add a third thing (blogging) to my activities.
I have been learning the art of  Foot Zonology. Which I must say is changing my life.
Many of you know I suffer from migraines. (the reason I decided to get zoned in the first place, I was in San Francisco, so what else do you do there but find some hippy dippy thing to do) I jest I DO NOT think foot zonology is hippy or dippy or I would not be doing it. I do however realize it is something different.
It also is helping me very much!!!!!!!!!!!
I am still in the middle of my classes so I probably won't be a great blogging commenter but, I wanted you to all know I am still alive. I know at least one of you may have been wondering. (hey I know I am reaching there, but whatever)
I have lot's of new recipe's I need to post.
Plus I may discuss foot zoning or zone balance now and again.

There is not a cell in your body that doesn't have a signal on your foot. Some of you may be familiar with this mode of thinking. Some not so much.
Any way I could not find a decent picture of the feet in regards to what I have been learning.
The one below is o.k.
At least it gives you an idea as to what I am talking about.
Also, this will come as a shock to some of you.
I no longer drink Pepsi.
I know that was my drug, er um drink of choice for many, many, many, years and to be honest I have fallen off the wagon twice. I have realized though there is this drink called "water" that is very refreshing. Who knew?
I also do not take a lot of the med's I used to.
I still need my Imitrex but, I take less than half of what I used to.
Pretty amazing.



Julie Harward said...

Nice to see your face in blogland...I totally believe in all of this about the foot! Our amazing bodies! Hope all is going well with you and yours. :D

Lorilee said...

Nice to see you again. I suffer from migeainese as well. I am on a beta blocker that keeps them manageable with ibuprofen.

Garden of Egan said...

I'm a total migraine sufferer. I would die without Imitrex. I too went off Pepsi......sigh.....

I haven't hear of the foot zonology.

Cynthia said...

Sounds like a cool class! When Greg and I were Newlyweds we took a 6 week short course on massage therapy together (one class was dedicated to feet). It was just an overview but it was a fun thing to do together when we were youngsters!

Connie said...

Good for you to kick the Pepsi habit!

I went to a foot guy many years ago. He massaged my feet and then in one area it hurt. He said that was my gall bladder. At the end of the session, I stood up and doubled over in pain. He immediately had me lay down again and he massaged that part of my foot again and I felt much better!
It is interesting how our body works.

Good to see you again.

wendy said...

Water??...I think I've heard of it.
HEY...I am definetly among the ONE of all those who have missed hearing from you!!

Very cool on the foot science stuff. Amazing how the feet, is connected to alllllllll those many things.

I may just have to make a trip to where you are, so you can make me some of your amazing new recipes your'e talking about, AND, while I'm eating it, you can rub my feet.

I know you are jumping at the idea.
Foot dancing actually.