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March 16, 2012

What the What?!?? Google Adsense Is Really On Top Of Things!

I was just informed by google that my AdSense ads have been disabled.
The reason?
My comments from my friends are full of filth. Thus they can no longer allow themselves to be represented on my blog.
You see in 2008 I posted a chicken recipe, and then, in 2010 someone from China posted a comment.
The comment was in CHINESE for the most part. There was one word in English. That word was sex.
I did not catch this particular comment. I read it last night. As mentioned before it was in CHINESE.
As mentioned before I posted the recipe in 2008.
The comment was posted (as mentioned before ) in 2010.
Let's see, what year is it? Oh, 2012.
Way to be on top of things GOOGLE.
I have myself deleted comments from people that have posted things in another language. I have done this for my own protection because I don't know what they are saying.
Well, friends go back and check your comments. (Right!!!! I can see you all rolling your eyes)
I will miss the hundreds of  dollars I have made since 2008 from Google AdSense, or should I say the many hundred dollars I have made from Google AdSense.
Yes, since 2008 I have made a whole $100.00.
I realize that is not Goggles fault.
What I find baffling is, if they are going to be so tough.(which they should be) Shouldn't they be a little more on top of things. I mean C'mon!!!!!!!!
It only took 2 years for them to notice.
What a joke.

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